About Us

The STS Analytical Testing Lab provides companies with a cost effective solution for most microscopy needs, with the added benefit of Dr. Dobi's vast knowledge and experience with SEM best practices.

SEMTech Solutions Analytical Laboratories provides advanced analytical, research and developmental support to a wide array of industrial, consulting, governmental, academic, biomedical, pharmaceutical and commercial markets. We utilize FE-SEMs, EDS, and Optical Microscopy for materials testing, identification, technical problem solving, and failure analysis. Walk-in clients are our specialty. With more than 25 years of electron microscopy experience, we understand the potential and power that lie within materials analysis. As your trusted and valued partner, we will help take your analysis to the next level with precision, accuracy, responsiveness, and cost effective solutions.

Our People

We serve as a resource of unbiased, independent analytical data and counsel, a role that is needed and appreciated by our customers. We have numerous working confidentiality nondisclosure agreements in force. Our staff is affiliated with numerous professional societies to keep up-to-date with advances in the materials analysis field. Some of the specifications we follow include SEMATECH 90120401B-STD, 90120402B-STD and the Methods for Evaluating Applications of the Coal Ash and Wood Ash Exemption.

Putting Our Skills to Work for You

We’d like you to consider SEMTech Solutions Analytical Laboratories as an adjunct to your own research and development department, a resource you can call on to help you advance important tasks or complicated projects. We are comfortable participating to cross-functional teams of sales, manufacturing and Research & Development, providing advanced analytical services and customer support.

Our capabilities include:

  • FESEM (High magnification imaging & low kV capabilities)
  • EDS (Light element analysis using a Silicon Drift Detector (SDD))
  • Robinson backscattered electron imaging (BSE)
  • X-ray color mapping down to Boron
  • Critical Dimension Measurements
  • Particle size measurements
  • 3D Scanning Electron Roughness Analyzing Microscope
  • Optical Microscopy (PLM, Top light or Stereomicroscopy)

SEMTech Solutions, Inc. ~ 6 Executive Park Drive ~ North Billerica, MA 01862

Tel: (978) 663-9822 x232 ~ labmanager@semtechsolutions.com