Coal ash & lead paint tests

Coal flyash on the surface of coal ash at 2,000x [Click image for larger size] Wood ash at 1,000x Ca due to decomposition of calcium oxalate crystals [Click image for larger size] Oil soot at 3,000x Note high sulfur & low vanadium [Click image for larger size]

Coal ash & lead paint tests

SEMTech Solutions now offers the Coal Ash Test, specifically designed to assist LSP’s in their determination of the coal ash & wood ash Exemption under the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP).

Your samples are inspected for the presence of bituminous and anthracite coal, coal flyash, coal ash, wood ash (possibly lead or arsenic containing), asphalt, oil soot, coal tar, etc., according to the microscopy methods described in the white paper prepared by the LSP Association entitled, “Methods for Evaluating Application of the Coal Ash and Wood Ash Exemption under the Massachusetts Contingency Plan”. You can also view a coal ash video which describes in detail exactly how your samples are prepared and analyzed at SEMTech Solutions. The samples are first examined optically (Stereo & PLM), and then by a state-of-the-art Field Emission Scanning Electron microscope (FESEM) which has an Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometer (EDX) attached to determine the elemental composition of the particles. This microscopy method may also be used to search for lead paint fragments (or other possible lead sources) by SEM/EDX and Backscattered Electron (BSE) analysis.

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