STS Analytical Testing Lab uses state-of-the-art instrumentation providing the highest quality services.

AMRAY 3300FE Field Emission SEM
Resolution: 1.5nm at 25kV, 7.0nm at 1kV
Magnification: 10x to 500,000x
Specimen size: 200mm diameter
Low voltage: 0.1 to 3.0 kV

Large specimen chamber (325mm x 350mm x 325mm), Motorized stage (125mm X and Y, 100mm Z, 360o R, -10o to +90o tilt), Robinson BSE, EDS (Silicon Drift Detector from Boron on up), IR Chamber Scope (for sample viewing inside your chamber), X-Stream Digital Imaging.


AMRAY Variable Pressure SEM for uncoated sample imaging.

Resolution: 4nm at 30kV (HV), 6nm at 30kV (LV)
Sample size: 200mm
Stage: 100mm X,Y
Detectors: SED, BSE, EDS
Pressure: 25-300 Pa

Nikon Optiphot-POL Light Microscope
Top Light

Objectives- 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x
Clemex color digital camera

Sorvall JB-4A Microtome
Automated Model for X-sections of difficult samples, such as; polymers, biologicals, dispersions, or porous/fragile samples.
X-sections in the thickness range of 0.25 to 10 microns, or a faced-off block, for SEM analysis (Imaging, BSE, EDS) may be obtained.
Samples are initially sliced with a glass knife or razor blade and then the final section/block face are produced with a Delaware diamond knife (DDK).

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