SEM-EDS Training

Just learning to use a SEM or are you looking to advance your skills? Our new training services will allow you to become the SEM expert at your company.

SEMTech Solutions now offers training on your SEM/EDX systems. Individualized training tailored specifically to your needs. Training classes consist of a firm background in electron optics, combined with an emphasis on “hands on” instruction on your SEM, using your own samples! Many organizations know only a fraction of the available features that can make their scopes even more powerful and useful than they already are. We have been training customers since 1980! Your operators/investigators will maximize their time on the SEM by learning to do any of the following procedures properly.

  • Beam Alignment 
  • Selection of Final Aperture
  • Centering of Final Aperture
  • Focus and Stigmation
  • Correct Accelerating Voltage
  • Correct Working Distance
  • Spot size
  • Artifacts
  • Low Voltage Applications
  • BSE mode
  • X-ray mapping
  • Linescans
  • K, L, M lines
  • Overlapping elements
  • Quantitative X-ray Analysis
  • Sputter coating
  • Variable Pressure SEM’s
  • Sample Size
  • Escape & Sum peaks
  • Calibration & Resolution Tests

Let us help you to improve image quality and EDS analysis capability by learning how to optimize parameters for all your applications, thereby increasing productivity and solutions to problems. Call SEMTech Solutions today at 978-663-9822.

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