How Do I Get A Free Sample Analysis Kit?

Whether you are a Licensed Site Professional (LSP), Insurance Adjuster or Homeowner, our Coal Ash analytical laboratory will provide you with free sample analysis kits. Go to our Contact Us - Form.

You have probably read the preceeding articles in this section titled, "Do I live near a coal fired power plant?" and "Sample analysis report from a home near a coal power plant."  If you have not, it is recommended that you read these articles to educate yourself on the services we provide, and to learn if you should consider sending us a sample based on your proximity to a coal fired power plant. 

We usually recieve samples from people that live within several miles downwind of a coal power plant.  Typically, we recommend that home owners swipe a lint free cloth across the siding of their house.  Either the west side or south side of the house is preferred as this would be the downwind side (or dirty side) from the coal power plant, should you reside near one.  Upon reciept of the Soot Analysis Sample Form, we will send you out a free Coal Fly Ash Sample Analysis Kit.  In the kit, there will be a set of instructions in order to properly prepare the sample for PLM, SEM, and EDS analysis. 

Upon reciept of the sample, we will prepare the sample for analysis and send you a completed report.

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